Our menu primarily focuses on Japanese wagyu beef, and the owner of the restaurant personally visits each butcher to carefully seek out nothing less than top-quality beef. Our dishes are prepared with culinary techniques that highlight the very best that each ingredient has to offer, and draw out the meat's inherent savory umami flavor.


We have completely private rooms for parties of four, eight, and more, which are perfect for business gatherings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Please enjoy a memorable time in our relaxing and peaceful space.



Our menu features hand-selected A4 and A5 rank Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black) beef from all over Japan, prepared in a kaiseki banquet-style course meal. Our "omakase" (chef's choice) course is a luxurious selection of seasonal ingredients expertly prepared. The course features a variety of meat dishes, from appetizers to after-meal dishes. The tableware and plates are also carefully chosen to complement the food and create a visually pleasing dining experience. Adding to that, our tableware and plates are carefully picked out to match perfectly with the food, and they work to serve as a visual delight as well. Each plate highlights the color of the ingredients themselves, which makes for a fulfilling dining experience that is sure to leave every guest more than satisfied. The owner of the restaurant is a sommelier as well, who handpicks a large selection of wines, sake, and more to have on offer. Enjoy pairing your meal here with our expansive inventory of delightful wines and seasonal sake selections that are brought in from sake breweries all over Japan. ※We welcome groups of two or more and the number of dishes and what is served will vary by season.


- CHEF -

Haruka Katayanagi

My original starting point with beef traces back to a steak that my father cooked up for me as a kid.
If I remember correctly, it was probably a sirloin steak that was a little more on the thicker side in terms of the cut. He seasoned it with both butter and soy sauce, and it was truly an exquisite treat for me at the time. While I was putting my time in training as a chef, I came across wagyu beef for the very first time, and I discovered the near bottomless depth that it offered as an ingredient. By taking advantage of Japanese culinary techniques to delicately prepare wagyu beef, which is a world-class ingredient, we can bring out the very best that it has to offer without any compromises whatsoever. My hope is that every guest here can enjoy treating themselves to it just like I was able to before. This is what motivates me to be in the kitchen each and every day. We opened up the restaurant in Ningyocho 16 years ago in 2006, and since then we have moved our location over to Ginza. That being said, it still carries the same spirit of "Ryuryokukako Shinmenmoku," which is what the former restaurant was originally called, and I keep that name forever etched in my heart. We invite every guest to dine with us here to enjoy our heartfelt hospitality and food more than ever before. We very much look forward to having you come to dine with us.


Japanese Restaurant
Name :
VORT GINZA briller 7F, 1-14-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Sunday and Holidays
33,000yen (tax included) ~38,000yen (tax included)

*The price varies between 33,000 yen (tax included) and 38,000 yen (tax included).
*Depending on the arrival of the premium Kobe beef "Tajimaguro", The price of the course may be 38,000 yen (tax included) or more.
*Please note that the price may vary depending on market conditions.
*A 10% service charge will be added.
*If you have a wide range of allergy, we are not able to accept reservations because we use many ingredients in our course menu.

The travelers from another country who stay at the hotels nearby, please ask the concierge about our restaurant and how to visit us. You shall know how to taste, so you will be satisfied the taste of Japanese beef as much as you can.

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